Saturday, 4 February 2012

Nocle 1: I Don't Know What To Say

You know? I’m not that kind of person who able to write those gracefully and life-changing pearl words.  And not the kind of person who can write an affecting and breath-taking quotes.

Oh, yes. You already know.

But let me try some sentences that can describe my feelings right now. Maybe it’s not life-changing, breath-taking, affecting, or gracefully. It’s just dull words, I know. But just let me try.

Even thought I didn’t know how to express it so you could understand my feeling. Even thought it’s very very hard to explain that..

I like the fact he’s my schoolmate
I like the fact he’s so kind and loyal
I like the fact that he’s so cool but respect towards other
I like the fact that he’s so humble and simple
And I like the fact that he’s so unusual
As well as I like the fact that he’s unique, different, and unpredictable

Also I like the way he smile
The way he run
The way he turn around, although not to me
The way he speaks
The way he keep an eye on someone, even thought she isn’t me
Even I like the way he pretend to unnoticed me, or pretend to don’t know me

I like him, in my dreams and reality, just like a water lilies who live in both water and soil
I like in every way he is, like The Four Season of Vivaldi
I like each sentences he said to me, like trees in the winter who welcome each sprinkle of snow on their branches
I like how he treat me with that “i don’t care” attitude, like the ground who receive our footsteps in acceptance

I don’t know how to explain in other way, friend. Sorry. But I hope this is enough for you to assume that, I LIKE HIM.

Mademoiselle Erika Witri Cahyani


  1. Replies
    1. Kenapa Nad? Terlalu 'Oh so whatever' ya? *Ga sante ih*

    2. super duper bagus banget tauuuuuuuuuuuuu

  2. erikaaa~~ lama nggak ngobrol._. blogmu 'berbobot' banget xD

  3. Jiah. Berbobot Rat? Berbobot? Ugh tidak. Jadi terdengar seperti Bondan (lagi -__-)