Thursday, 19 December 2013


Aku kangen kalian. Kangen banget. 
Banyak yang bilang kalian udah berubah, dan aku berharap itu nggak bener. 
Aku nggak tau harus ngomong apa, tapi aku kangen. Sama ketawa gila kita, sama kerajinan kalian yang kontras banget sama kemalesanku, sama beda pendapat kita. Betapa kalian nggak malu punya temen aneh dan keset tukang telat kayak aku.

Semangat ya, kalian. Semoga dapet pengalaman, prestasi, pelajaran, dan temen-temen baru yang lebih baik disana :)

Though I may fade in your visions, and day by day I'm getting even more blurry until I'm just a ghost living in your memories, and it's getting too late to look back at me, and it gets too hard to remember even a little bit of me, as hopeless or pathetic it may sounds, I'm with you. Always

Saturday, 14 December 2013

Memilih Tinggal

Ditinggalkan bukan pilihan? Siapa bilang?

Ketika orang lain memutuskan untuk pergi, lalu kamu memilih untuk tinggal, itu namanya bukan ditinggalkan. Tapi bertahan.

Ketika orang lain memutuskan untuk pergi dan kamu tetap tinggal dan kamu berpikir bahwa kamu tak punya kuasa sama sekali atas keadaanmu, maka kamu memilih untuk menjadi yang ditinggalkan.

Memilih untuk ditinggalkan.

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Open Letter To...

We're real people with real hearts, real minds, and real feelings too. We're real people who breathe, think, and get hurt. We got our own opinions and values. We grew up with different individuals around us. Those who we share our thoughts and ideas with. Those who taught us things and told us about matters in life. And they are all different person, each and every one of them. 
You can't just expect us to follow your 'rules' every single time. To agree with all of your opinions and stay silent when you cross over the values we live with. Our ideas of caring and 'togetherness' are different. We ARE different.

By lowering other people's view, and telling people that their decision is some kind of a 'stabbing' action, doesn't make you a better individual. It just shows that you are terribly narrow-minded because you can't accept how others view a problem in some different ways. And to see things diversely is not our fault nor anybody's fault. Each person got opinions because people are entitled to 'em. Everyone got their rights to have opinions that no other person have the right to judge or interrupt, as long as they have rational and reliable reason.

We have our reasons and I think they are rational and liable enough. So liable and rational that people outside of our circumstance who got told the story in the most honest form would understand why we choose what we've chosen back then.

Seeing your indirect tweets only made things worse. Yes, I have a problem with those tweets. I have problems, actually.