Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Open Letter To...

We're real people with real hearts, real minds, and real feelings too. We're real people who breathe, think, and get hurt. We got our own opinions and values. We grew up with different individuals around us. Those who we share our thoughts and ideas with. Those who taught us things and told us about matters in life. And they are all different person, each and every one of them. 
You can't just expect us to follow your 'rules' every single time. To agree with all of your opinions and stay silent when you cross over the values we live with. Our ideas of caring and 'togetherness' are different. We ARE different.

By lowering other people's view, and telling people that their decision is some kind of a 'stabbing' action, doesn't make you a better individual. It just shows that you are terribly narrow-minded because you can't accept how others view a problem in some different ways. And to see things diversely is not our fault nor anybody's fault. Each person got opinions because people are entitled to 'em. Everyone got their rights to have opinions that no other person have the right to judge or interrupt, as long as they have rational and reliable reason.

We have our reasons and I think they are rational and liable enough. So liable and rational that people outside of our circumstance who got told the story in the most honest form would understand why we choose what we've chosen back then.

Seeing your indirect tweets only made things worse. Yes, I have a problem with those tweets. I have problems, actually. 

First, I will argue about the 'justice' thing I made myself on Monday. Honestly, what have I done wrong for bringing up the words 'be fair'? They were only simple, harmless words that I said three times in a day and you already bursting up and exploding all over your timelines (but you cleverly disguise them with nice sentences so people can see how 'caring' and 'wise' you are). Other thing I saw other than how 'caring' and 'wise' you are as friends? The way you down-grade your other friends.

That's the second thing I'll bring up here. I honestly don't understand how could you call your actions as defending the name of 'unity' while you set aside other people to stick up for one person? You snapped at your friends and told them how wrong and bad they are for standing up for what they believe in, in order to protect one person? Don't you realize how hurt that felt? Don't you know some of us cried that day? Oh, maybe you knew but you just close your eyes and ears and mind and act like you're the victim and not us. Acted like the majority of the class are the 'bad guys' and you're the perfectly pure angels. The desperate class clowns and the beauty queens in tears. 

All of them done in the name of friendship. I don't even know whether you still think about us as your friends or not anymore. Because if you do, you wouldn't hurt us in such a way.

How pathetic.

I'm tired of writing about things that are uncomfortable, but it needed to be done. Someone has to speak up, and apparently that person is me. There is too much to talk about, and even if I write them all most of you wouldn't understand unless you care to lower your ego a bit.

There is still one burden I want to break. To the girl and who write about my 'justice' view and balloon-stabbing thingy: I understand where you're heading but that's not the solution. Go find a mirror and ask yourself, "If other kid were in that position, and that kid was not my close friend, would I do the same?"

Dude, I dare to say that I'm 2479654800238% sure you wouldn't. And why do I think so? Hmmm...

Just for example, I remember the other day when one of our classmates didn't show up in class and the teacher asked us what happened to that friend and you didn't make up an excuse. Let alone making up an excuse, you didn't even respond. I know you heard it, but you were busy with your things and whatever was that on your laptop screen. If I may ask you, with all due respect, why the hell didn't you even look up? Why didn't you respond? Bet you didn't even know who was absent that day. You didn't care. And why is that? Because that friend wasn't your good friend.

The whole thing would be different if we change that friend to one of your 'The Clique' members. The word 'sick' would roll effortlessly from your tongue, without hesitation.

That's exactly what I talked about when I said, "Be fair." 

It is impossible for a person to think completely objective. There's no such thing. There are only people who tried to think objectively, and those who don't give a damn about it. Now go get that mirror and ask yourself, "Which one am I?"

And you dare to judge us for standing up in the name of justice. I'm laughing so hard. 

Go tweet and tell the world how bad we are for defending what's right in our values. Just so you know:

"If people have moral courage to stand up to the smallest injustice – their own and other’s – it’s kind of like practice for when the big ones come around." 
-- Colleen Kelly

Maybe you'll defend yourself with something like this:

"..those who break the rules are scum, but those who abandon their friends are worse than scum.” - Masashi Kishimoto

We're not abandoning anyone. We'll still talk to any friend nicely. We just need your realization that not every person hold the same values as yours. So don't push us. Maybe all these times we kept our voices low, buried our thoughts deep down, let you rule. Let everything slip away even when we weren't agree. But every man has limit and we are no exception. When you push us we can handle it. But when you push us too far, we can explode. Because we're humans. With real hearts, minds, and feelings. I'll keep repeating that, until you get some sense.

If you want to be treated like a real friend might, treat us like real friends. Be fair
If you want us to stand up for you, stand up for us. Be fair
If you want to be considered as a family, then consider us as your family. Be fair
If you don't want us to leave you, don't leave us. Be fair
If you want to be understood, then understand us. Be fair

Because as Donna Schaper said, "Unity without justice has no value."

Label me as a rude person, insensitive girl who got no heart. Who only think about her own behalf. That girl who is too effing weak for crying three times. That girl who is worse than scum, and whatever you want to call me, but like you I am a person with a heart and a life. You're not with me half the time, you don't get to know what's in my brain, thus,

Before we end this let's hail Sara Bareilles for encouraging me to go for it, through this amazing song:

Me, that pile of meat who breath and burn, and someday, will die.

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