Thursday, 16 May 2013

It Happened, So Remember It

This has been one crazy year. There's so much - too much things we did together. So much that I can't remember how it felt going to bathroom alone, eat at the canteen alone, reading at the library alone, even laughing alone.

We started nothing back then, And for each other at that time, which feels like a long time ago, like once upon a time, the others were just unfamiliar faces we would see for the next three years, wandering on the corridor, sitting in the classes, bragging about how life has been too cruel to let the teachers give them those home works.

But it's not like that. Not at all.

Without you knowing, they've become one important part of this short life we have, and then this reality stick on your brain like a glue. They're your life.

These three years are wonderful, shitty, boring, but beautiful at the same time. Slowly, we were bound together, mended, and when everything turned out this right, finally it's the time for us lift our faces to see the future, saying goodbyes. Leaving.

We're not heartless so we feel this sting when we actually had to leave. Remember the good times. 

Somehow time gives us something to learnt, that if we stay like this together, we wouldn't appreciate every single time we spent, we would be an old face to one another, we would be irritating, we would be ungrateful. This is time's job, to makes us learn that sometimes things are better be ended. If we stay like this then that strong word, 'memories', wouldn't be found. There's no memories. Isn't that creepy?

"Nothing lasts forever, forever is a lie. All we had is between hello and goodbye," they said. And slowly, very slow until you don't even feel it, the future is now and now is the past. That's how life works.

I've learned much. I can't stated it one by one. Now that we have to go to different directions, (not one direction) I have to say that I will try to remember all of you, dearly. And I'll say that you will be greatly missed. You, my friends, once, were my life. Were? Yea, we have to move forward.

But out of all that, SMILE! So we can live our life out loud while we can. So we can remember.

Don't cry because it ends,
Smile, because it happened. 

One who grateful being your friend,



  1. :') *takut alay, jadi cm emot aja*

    1. helol. alay juga gapapa. aku kan juga alay. (loh-__-)

  2. wkwkw, takut sok puitis aja :-D tp kamu ga alay bgt kaya aku ini :$

    1. bocah ._. aku rencananya mau nonton bareng film angkatan kita di kompleks lho pake dvd :D

    2. wah enak dong:-D layar tancepan aja ci biar greget:-D