Monday, 3 February 2014

Inevitable Graduations

Say that these graduations are killing me. The graduation of old fears, the graduation of old wounds, the graduation of old misbehaves, the graduation of old loves. 

Never though I said I'm maturing, because the image of the constant changing these graduations bring me is way, way more dreadful than it should have been.

Fears of dispelled expectations and dreams I buried long ago in a selfish island where all my uncomfortable article lie unconscious. I am afraid.

I am drowning.

Already, when your sleep is far more peaceful than your real life, you know you crave everything your dreams contain. It means you crave more sleep. It means you crave no worry. It means you deny reality.

What is reality anyway? The whole world is just a series of individual perspectives brought together with another individual perspectives that agree with each other because these individuals perspectives are among the first perspectives being discovered by their owner. And those who discovered their perspectives later  and do not agree with previous perspectives would become 'a disorder'. 

I don't know. Let's just stop talking. But one thing.

I am drowning. Slowly. 

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