Thursday, 30 January 2014

A Thousand Sculptures (Part 2)

          As if for him, it emerged with a slightly different impact. Her words, which just left her mouth to the mix of frozen air, shadow, and sick light, appeared as a vision of fatamorgana in a long unbeaten track under the desert’s hard sun, somewhere in his distant dream. Actually wanted to believe in it but he knew it wasn't true. And he knew nothing truer than the last. It hurt him more than the smell of death that surrounded them since the last time he caress her hair.

            Mockery at it’s best to destiny & Co, she stuck her tongue out to taste the snow for, she was sure, the last time. Crazy how sure she was at the moment, but she guaranteed she have never been that sure for her whole life. She even whispered to herself that the security of what she’s thinking and her choice felt so good. She liked it, it felt like a once in a lifetime. Then with lack of capability to hold it down, she bursted in a laughter, thinking how ironically true it was. The ‘once in a lifetime’ feeling.

            Her stupid and playful side wanted him to witness the last time she would ever taste the snow and let them melt on her tongue. He did. They laughed together awkwardly for the sake of memories and dignity. The laughter itself too, of course. If there was a possibility to fell again after lying, then it would be it.

            Their laughter weren't stopping that quick. Actually it lasted far more than necessary, especially for her. No matter how hurt her whole mouth, cheek, and stomach. No matter how it pained her back and she wanted to stop it, she could not stop laughing. The whole sureness faded for a brief moment of that laugh. She didn't know what was so funny. Whether it’s the thin awkwardness sweeping lightly while they exchanged grins, or the comfort on throwing away what people would keep even if it costs their lives, and knowing they did it together.


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