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Please Work, Please Work, Please Work...

Ass. Wr. Wb Honey-Bloggers!

Lama nggak nge-post ya, hehe.

Iya, kangen sama blog-mu Er

Ah, masa?

Iya, blog-mu kan super bagus, keren, exciting, adventurous, catchy, thrilling...

Nyampe thrilling segala -____- Emang 'Snow White and The Huntsman?

Yah, this really is thrilling, soalnya kali ini saya mau nge-post dan menyebarkan kepada khalayak ramai dan fans-fans saya yang sudah mereka tunggu-tunggu selama ini :O

Yaitu adalah... Jeng-jeng-jeng-jeng


Huah, lebay -___-
Phew, pada kenal saya aja enggak. Makanya kali ini judul postingannya Please Work, Please Work, Please Work... Soalnya saya berharap banget kalian suka. Haha

Oke, langsung aja ya, ini dia:

Betham, This Way Dear

“In our passage from the Cape of Good Hope the winds were mostly from the westward with very boisterous weather: but one great advantage that this season of the year has over the summer months is in being free from fogs”
- William Bligh

Summer in Betham is probably the most beautiful summer in the world. Summers that people often dreams on the stormy mid-winter nights, and in the imagination of children who live in the northern and southern hemisphere.

Betham - a farming village in the north of a country named Iristine, has thousands of exciting places to visit at any mid-July, when the summer sun first rises. Betham had waterfalls, lakes, forests, valleys, hills, and fields of thousands hectares of agricultural area. Not to forget the Neolithic houses made of bricks whetstone, which if sold, the price will be much more than a truckload of Betham village's vegetables and fresh fruits.

In the morning, when the blue and purple summer birds, dubbed the Bethams as blauhimmel twittering for the first time, the silent Betham in their last closed eyes to the remnants of the spring instantly turn to life and glory. Cearayuli flowers, bright purplish blue flower with five petals extends upwards blooming simultaneously. Hummingbirds, bees, and butterflies are moving swiftly from stalk to stalk. The wind blew softly and lightly. The sound of the lake which still quarter frozen in the spring starts to sound and the heavy water hit the rocks at the Yellow Flower waterfall, while the sun goes higher with its pale golden glow on the eastern horizon.

Just a few meters from the lively Yellow Flower waterfall, a white house of the whetstone, low-roofed all shavings from white stone, and fenced by cheerfully yellow honeysuckle plant, also burned by the spirit of summer. From the kitchen came the sound of scraping iron cookware on the stove, and from somewhere in the attic, the sound of thuds - whether the thud of what, fills the busy day.

White house relics of neolithic tribes of Betham was the only neolithic house that still occupied. The rest was demolished because the condition is really severe, and whose condition is still quite good repair and being a big attraction with cross-poster brass reads, 'Garden of the Ancient Neolithic Betham Village’.

Next to the 'Garden of the Ancient Neolithic Betham Villlage', a flat terrain, covered with fine grass, long and thick like a green carpet, has fulfilled half Betham villagers who seem enthusiastic. They are from various backgrounds, rich and humble, gathered and stood impatiently. All children, teenagers, and adults come, more and more and more. If observed carefully, the number of parents who took their children aged five years dominating the crowd like ants carrying food.

Inversely proportional to the multipurpose field at the center of the village, the scene in the ancient neolithic house near the Yellow Flower waterfall was still exactly the same as an hour ago. The thuds in the attic still sounds and still no sign of people who lived in the house will come out to join together with other villagers in the field.

But if examined a little, the Ardian family, who was busy but happy, is experiencing difficulties. Their only daughter and  the  last child of  Ark and Pyaline Ardian whose yesterday celebrates her fifth birthday, sulking and banging something into the clean white walls of her room.

Her name was Kirin. A very unusual name, either on earth or in Gottluche, the planet they live a lie so very far from the earth which we live in. Her full name is Kirinevra Ardian, and as we know, she just turned five years old, but she was so mastered the art of sulking that will make both her parents bend down to their knees for mercy.

As with most villagers of Betham, Kirin and her family should have been in the village. The first day of summer is not predicated as an important day for no reason. The first day of summer, which falls on July 16 every year is a historic day for a sacred ritual that must be followed by children aged 5 years old. It was the day of reading atwiiq or birthmarks.

Every child in their world, or at least in their own solar planet inhabited by four planet, has a birthmark on the nape which represents the ability and personality of each child. Each atwiiq contains the shape of plants, animals, colors, or symbolistic substances such as rocks, water, fire, or metal. Gottluche planet itself is represented by plants. So every child, male or female, has one kind of plant in the back of their neck and will remain there until they mature. Then when they die, signs will disappear by it selves, disappeared with their soul.

Kirin was born on July 15 at midnight, which makes her born right in the mid line between late spring and early summer. She was born right in the middle of the year. Never before has any child born at midnight with not a second more than twelve o'clock on July 15. Then Kirin’s parent who was upset and curious began to force pushed into the child's room.

Nah, itu dia. Suka? Alhamdulillah
Nggak suka? Disuka-sukain aja ya
Bener-bener nggak suka? Comment aja salahnya dimana ya..

Menerima kritik dan saran lho :O

Oh, ya. Latar tempatnya desa Betham itu terispirasi dari gambar-gambar di bawah ini lho. 

 By: Leonid Apremov

 By: James Cope

Ok, makasih :) Selamat berkomentar ya. 

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Summer is in the air, Happiness in everywhere.
Mademoiselle Erika Witri Cahyani


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