Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Unabridged Verses (Day 1)


The Mournes, County Down, Northern Ireland
Winter Gorse (by RobIreland)

If you want to stop staring
at the late evening moon
or everything between it 
and where you sit,
I would stop being a bellwether
and take a deep breath
to take you to atop of a mount
on my own
or carry you under a rain of pure white snow
without my coat
or bring you dried big leaves and build you a canoe
and we''ll drink the light along Thames or Danube
But that's if you want to stop staring 
at the late evening moon,
and ditch your scars with it's shadow
and leave it on your past's meadow

Pic from: http: RobIreland at flickr

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