Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Linking Blinks


Swept aside the lush bush
Unfamiliar tingle binding my heart
About to explode into stardusts
Crumpled, and no,
I cannot see a happy ending approaching
I need a place to lean


The air sting like guitar strings between throbbing fingers
How much could I stand the soreness of my wishes, biting and slashing
Because they are broken


Notwithstanding, my lips told me I am wiser already
I asked them, how is that even make any sense?
When my existence
Not otherwise,
Not otherwise of buzzing lights and chattering kneecaps


I tried to convince myself that I am naive.
I couldn't


I guess I am just rhythm of a beating heart
A mouthful of schemes and lies
A burden
A constantly lit dried wood
But the fire never really burn


A woman once overheard my story
About how cold my hands were
She chuckled and offered me hers to hold
I took them in doubt, wearily
They were frozen


Probably I have accepted,
The differences

~c, b. e. w
March 5th, 2014

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